4 – 8 years old

After 58 years, I understand that my passion for creating art stems from uddles of sources and is a never-ending journey to pay attention to all sensory experiences.

As a child, I lived a few blocks from the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums and seeing art was a common outing. In my travels throughout the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Great Britain and Moscow, I have traipsed through many a museum and historical site, have collected contemporary prints, urban scene watercolors and ceramics. In my childhood home, the living room walls showcased my german paternal 17th – 20th c. ancestral portraits of the von Kalckreuth family amidst contemporary works by the artist Rudolf Huebler among others. A miniature oil painting done by my uncle Klaus von Kalckreuth while at the Akademie der Kuenste in Berlin in the late 1930s to this day still sits on my bookshelves. The von Kalckreuths are known for their artistic talents, namely, Count Stanislaus von Kalckreuth, Count Leopold von Kalckreuth, Countess Maria von Kalckreuth, Countess Pauline von Kalckreuth, Patrick von Kalckreuth, my step-aunt Barbara von Kalckreuth, a sculptor of bronze busts including President Hoover, her husband Conrad Hommel, a renowned portrait painter and my father Ernst who retired to paint portraits after a career as a graphic designer in New York. There are also fond memories of the painting classes in the 1960s/70s on the boardwalks in Ocean Ridge, Fire Island with Walter Desel, art history and ceramic courses at Hamilton College, my studies at the New York School of Interior Design which would set the stage for a 25 year career in residential design and lastly, a painting workshop with Millie Waters in Austin, TX.

Yet, only upon discovering the DoodleBuddy app and the Sketches app on my iPhone did the discipline of creating art every day occur in January, 2015. I adore the simplicity and tidiness of all the tools that are located within my screen and the absence of time spent cleaning up a studio space. The digital process permits me to be prolific. I upgraded to an iPad in 2018 and now use the ProCreate and Concepts app to explore my ideas.

In the past two years, my gratitude goes to the global Sktchy community of artists and inspiring courses that have expanded my repertoire of expression in portraiture, abstract art and illustrations.